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Karima Samadi
Policy, Research, and Evaluation
Columbus Public Health
[email protected]
Brian Estabrook
Food Systems Planner
Franklin County Economic Development & Planning Department
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Implementing the Plan

The Columbus & Franklin County Local Food Action Plan has a robust integrated structure to support successful implementation.Various sectors of the local food system are represented within the structure. It was also imperative that the community had a voice and a role in the implementation of the Plan. View the image below to see the role each component has in implementation, and how the structure works together as a whole.  

LFAP Implementation Structure

Legislative Sponsors

In November 2016, the Columbus & Franklin County Local Food Action Plan was adopted by the Columbus City Council under the direction of Councilmember Priscilla Tyson and by the Franklin County Board of Commissioners under the direction of Commissioner John O'Grady. Legislative Sponsors have provided leadership and funding support for the development of the Local Food Action Plan. They each have directly appointed 6 members to the Local Food Board for a total of 12 appointees. 

Local Food Board

The Local Food Advisory Board consists of influential community mobilizers and food system experts who can provide intellectual, physical, social, and/or monetary capital. These are leaders in our community who can achieve results and increase awareness of food related issues among decision makers in our community. The Local Food Advisory Board, consisting of 12 members who are directly appointed by Columbus City Council (6 seats) and Franklin County Board of Commissioners (6 seats), will meet quarterly to:

  • Oversee and guide activities related to the Local Food Action Plan (LFAP)
  • Evaluate proposals related to the food system involving the City, County or community partners
  • Provide annual community update on local food system initiatives

The Board is supported by the Local Food Team and the Franklin County Local Food Council.

Click here for a list of Local Food Board Members

Local Food Team

The Local Food Team is a joint City-County team made up of staff from Columbus Public Health and Franklin County Economic Development and Planning. The Local Food Team was established to complete the following:

  • Facilitate the work of the Board and the Project Teams
  • Connect the Local Food Action Plan (LFAP) to other food system efforts
  • Provide updates to the Board on food system initiatives
  • Develop annual progress reports on LFAP implementation

Columbus Local Food Team Staff:
Cheryl Graffagnino

Jalisa Dawkins

Franklin County Local Food Team Staff:
Brian Estabrook

Project Teams

Project Teams are groups of food system stakeholders. They are established to work together on the implementation of a specific action or part of an action in the Local Food Action Plan (LFAP). They are formed by the Board and overseen by a Board member who serves as a Sponsor, and are supported and facilitated by the Local Food Team.

To find out more about what the project teams have been doing or to become a member, click here

Franklin County Local Food Council

The Franklin County Local Food Council is an independent, non-governmental citizen advisory council composed of community members. The Council participates in implementation in the following ways:

  • Provide a pathway for resident and community participation in Local Food Action Plan (LFAP) implementation
  • Send a designee to Board meetings to provide community updates
  • Participate in Project Teams

To find out more about the Franklin County Local Food Council, please visit www.fclocalfoodcouncil.org