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2018 OMH Accomplishments

Read about the 2018 accomplishment of the Columbus Office of Minority Health: Available in EnglishArabicFrenchNepaliSomali, and  Spanish.

Office of Minority Health Briefing Papers

OMH's Local Conversations provide a survey of health disparities affecting the Bhutanese/Nepali, Latino, Somali and African-American communities in Columbus, OH. 

Somali Community Project

Somali Community Project: Access and Utilization of Health Care Services for the Somali Population Living in Columbus, Ohio - Columbus, Ohio has the second largest Somali community in U.S., with an estimated 45,000 Somalis living in this area. The Somali community in Columbus has many health needs and access to health services is often complicated by language barriers and lack of health advocates. Many have little or no formal education and minimal English skills, and thus are not aware of the services that may be available to them. The Office of Minority Health has created this project to assess the access and use of health care services by the Columbus Somali community to advise their work and the work of other health care providers serving Somali residents.



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