Neighborhood Social Work

8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Mon - Fri

Social Work Help Line
at (614) 645-6807

[email protected]

Work Group 1: Community Outreach

What We Know: Members of our community are at varying levels of healing, coping, and thriving. To be an effective community, we must have opportunities for individuals we call our neighbors to regulate and heal.

What We Do: We offer workshops, trainings, materials, and support after individual traumatic experiences and community traumatic events. We help individuals, organizations, community leaders and residents who may not be aware of all they need to begin healing from traumatic experiences. 

Why We Need You: Relationships are the foundation of an open and connected community. Once each of us has had an opportunity to heal from the traumatic experiences we have had, we are closer to becoming a fully engaged and thriving community.  

Where We Are and How to Join Us:  We are here to usher in an new era of community connectedness and advancement like never before. Join our full Coalition meeting on the fourth Thursday of the month or join us for one of our community meetings. Community meetings are held throughout Columbus in informal settings to ensure we are hearing the needs and voices of our whole community.

• We meet in formal and informal settings each month.  Full Coalition meetings are held at various community locations on the fourth Thursday of each month. Meetings are open to the public and all are welcome.
• We are also partnered with Columbus Public Health's  Health Advisory Committees
• Each month we will publish the location of our Community "grassroots meetings" on our website. We welcome invitations from hosts who are willing to welcome all guests