Neighborhood Social Work

Program Information

Neighborhood Social Work is made up of public health social workers. The staff work in the community to help Columbus residents improve their health by linking them to resources, health assessments, and screenings available in their community. 

In order to serve the Columbus community, staff are assigned to Neighborhood Pride Centers. They are familiar with the areas governmental and community resources available.

Neighborhood Social Work staff is also involved in other community health efforts at a variety of sites in Columbus including the Methodist Free Stores, Lutheran Food Pantries and the waiting rooms of the Opportunity Centers. They are always looking for additional opportunities to help improve the health of Columbus residents.

Staff help with a range of health, social service and educational needs. They know how to identify ways people can improve their health and can link people to health and community agencies when additional services are needed. 

Social Worker Locations
For locations and times of social work sites, call  the Social Work Help Line at 645-6807.

Community Resources 
Go to additional resource information at Limited Income Health Resources

CPH's Neighborhood Social Services COVID-19 Updated Community Resource List- Click here