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Infant Mortality Reports

Infant Mortality and Birth SurveillanceInfant Mortality Report icon

Infant mortality – or the death of a baby before his/her first birthday – is a critical indicator of community health. In addition to infant deaths, these monthly and quarterly indicator summaries track preterm births, low birth weight births and sleep-related infant deaths.

Infant Mortality and Birth Indicators

By Month (includes YTD)

By Quarter

Under Construction: We are currently reviewing and working on how to best share the quarterly indicators. If you need 3rd quarter 2018 data in the meantime, please email or call us!


  • Sleep-Related Infant Deaths 2015-2016 (released 2017)
  • Sleep-Related Infant Deaths 2012-2014 (released 2015)
  • Infant Mortality Trends 1990-2010 (released September 2012)
  • Sleep-Related Infant Deaths 2009-2011 (released 2012)
  • Sleep-Related Infant Deaths 2006-2008 (released 2010)