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Infant Mortality Reports

Infant Mortality and Birth Surveillance2019 IM Report screenshot(1)

Infant mortality – or the death of a baby before his/her first birthday – is a critical indicator of community health. In addition to infant deaths, we track preterm births, low birthweight births, causes of infant deaths, and racial disparities in these indicators.

Infant Mortality Reports

Quarterly Infant Mortality Report, 2011 to current year-to-date

This interactive report adjusts based on your selections from three drop-down menus:

 - Geographic area: All of Franklin County, CelebrateOne ZIP codes only, or non-CelebrateOne ZIP codes only

 - Time period: Quarters from 2011 to the most recent one for which data are available

 - Measure: One of five measures can be displayed by year in a graph on the bottom half of the report: infant mortality rate, preterm birth percentage, very preterm birth percentage, low birthweight percentage, or very low birthweight percentage

Map of CelebrateOne priority ZIP codes

Multi-Year Reports

  • Sleep-Related Infant Deaths 2017-2018 (released 2019)
  • Sleep-Related Infant Deaths 2015-2016 (released 2017)
  • Sleep-Related Infant Deaths 2012-2014 (released 2015)
  • Infant Mortality Trends 1990-2010 (released 2012)
  • Sleep-Related Infant Deaths 2009-2011 (released 2012)
  • Sleep-Related Infant Deaths 2006-2008 (released 2010)

Additional infant mortality data and briefs are available on the CelebrateOne website