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Safe Communities

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Safe Communities

Program Information

Franklin County Safe Communities promotes traffic safety through a coalition of partners from law enforcement, medical professionals, trauma programs, engineers/planners, traffic safety professionals, injury research programs and community organizations. 

Our goal is to reduce traffic-related injuries and fatalities within Franklin County.  Members partner on a variety of projects to provide traffic safety education, change policy, change the built environment and improve safety for all modes of transportation in our community.

Community Resources and Programs

  • Traffic safety education for high schools
  • Traffic safety presentations
  • Traffic safety materials, brochures, posters, videos & campaign materials

Works with local police agencies in Franklin County to track all traffic stops for drivers under the age of 18. Parents are notified that their child was stopped by a law enforcement officer. They receive the date, time, location and violation (warning or citation).  It also includes information on teen traffic safety and how to start a dialogue with their child concerning safe driving habits. 

Teen Driving 
Do you have a teen attending a high school in Franklin County?  Franklin County Safe Communities, a program at Columbus Public Health, has safe teen driving information that we would love to share and disseminate through your teen or parent group to your local high school.  We work with teens to offer information, activities, and presentations focusing on distracted driving, seat belt use, etc. for individual classes, large assemblies, or school clubs/groups.  This teen-led education can be used as credit for their own required projects or service hours as well!  We also offer parent seminars which help explain the GDL (graduated driver’s license) process and give tips for working with your new teen driver.