Tuberculosis Control


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Interpretation available.

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(614) 645-2199

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Program Information

Columbus Public Health (CPH) Ben Franklin TB Program serves as the local authority for all aspects of TB surveillance, medical management, and prevention and control for Franklin County, as specified under .

Program activities are prioritized in accordance with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines and focus on the following:  

  • Treatment and case management of persons confirmed with or thought to have TB disease
  • Evaluation, testing and treatment of persons identified as close contacts to a person with infectious TB
  • Screening, testing and treatment of specific groups at high-risk for TB infection and/or disease progression
  • Evaluation of persons referred by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Division of Global Migration and Quarantine  

Services are provided by appointment at the Ben Franklin TB Clinic. 

Our program does not provide routine or administrative testing for school or work. If TB testing is needed, and you do not have a primary healthcare provider, please visit these locations (click for more information): 


    Our staff serve as Franklin County’s primary resource for TB screening, surveillance and reporting, TB treatment, and airborne isolation.