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Lead Poisoning Prevention

Program Information

Lead Poisoning Prevention is part of our Healthy Homes Program  to provide childhood lead testing and follow-up services for children with lead poisoning in Columbus and Worthington. 

Services include:

  • Lead inspections for homes with lead poisoned children;
  • Free HEPA vacuum loan for lead hazard clean-up;
  • Presentations to Columbus community organizations, neighborhood associations, day care centers, and school staff;
  • Displays of lead educational information at fairs and special events;
  • Referral services for landlords, tenants, and homeowners.

Toy Recalls

Lead is sometimes used in the making of toys, leading to children being exposed to lead which can be harmful. Recalls and more information can be found through the Consumer Products Safety Commission at:

Call us to find services and information to prevent lead poisoning at (614)724-6000.