Neighborhood Health

Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Prevention, intervention, and outpatient treatment for alcohol and other drug abuse, addiction, and related problems.

Childhood Injury Prevention
Prevent injuries from birth to 18, provides access to car safety seats, bike helmets, and home inspections for childcare.

Community Health Event Requests
Requesting Columbus Public Health to be at a community event in Columbus or Worthington with Community Education, Screenings and Linkages (CESL)

Creating Healthy Communities
Programs aimed to create healthy communities by reducing the rates of chronic disease.

Healthcare Consumer Workshop
Workshop in how to become more active in your own health care, prepare for doctors visits and more. 

Health Equity
Works to address the root causes of health inequities and create opportunities for all people to be healthy.

Healthy Homes
Works with residents to prevent household dangers, like lead and asthma triggers.  

Health Advisory Committees
Neighborhood-level community groups working to tackle the major health concerns and issues affecting residents.

Healthy Neighborhoods
Works with communities to tackle neighborhood health issues and to increase resources for residents. 

Lead Poisoning Prevention
Free lead testing for children 6 months to 6 years of age and more.

Minority Health
Programs address health issues for minority communities of Columbus and its surrounding areas.

Neighborhood Social Services
Help residents link to services for a range of health, social service and educational needs.

Newborn Home Visiting
Nurse visits to new mothers with newborns less than six weeks old that live in Franklin County. 

Project L.O.V.E. (Love Our Children Vaccinate Early)
Working to increase access to and the rates of immunizations for children and teens.