Water Protection

Program Information

Private Sewage Treatment Systems 
Household sewage treatment systems are permitted and inspected through this office. Aeration sewage treatment systems are inspected annually to insure they are working correctly and other existing sewage treatment systems when they are located either by complaint or repair. Upon request, household sewage treatment systems are inspected for real estate transactions.  Here is a listing of  Approved Sewage Contractors  in the Central Ohio area. 

Private Water Supplies
Private water systems are permitted and inspected by this office. Water samples are taken upon request to evaluate for bacteria and nitrate only.

Public Swimming Pools and Spas
Inspects public pools and spas, such as those at community centers, hotels and apartment complexes within the City of Columbus and Worthington. Provides training for pool and spa operators.

Inspection Results & Color Coded Signs
At all of our licensed facilities, including public pools and spas, we now post a small color-coded sign that is based on the results of the most recent inspection.  Learn more  about inspection results and color-coded signs for these licensed businesses.