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City Supplements are listed below.

Refer to the ODOT Supplement if the City supplement is not listed below.
ODOT Proposal Notes, Supplemental Specifications, and Supplements


City Supplements

1001- Approval and Testing of Air Entraining Agents and Chemical Admixtures for Concrete  
1002- Archiving of Shop Drawings  
1004- Method of Test for Sieve Analysis of Fine and Coarse Aggregates (AASHTO Method T 27 Modified)  
1032- Asphalt Material Certification Requirements  
1036- Method Of Test For Determination Of Percent Air Voids In Compacted Dense Asphalt Concrete Mixtures  
1037- Method Of Test For Determination Of Percent Voids In The Mineral Aggregate (Vma) In Compacted  Asphalt Concrete Mixtures  
1038- Method Of Test For Extraction Of Asphalt Binder From Asphalt Concrete Mixtures  
1039- Method Of Test For Mechanical Analysis Of Extracted Aggregate  
1041- Asphalt Concrete Quality Assurance Program Administration  
1043- Calibration And Test Procedures For Use Of Asphalt Content Nuclear Gauges  
1051- Resistance Of Compacted Bituminous Concrete To Moisture Induced Damage  
1053- Storage And Introduction Of Antistrip Additivies Into An Asphalt Concrete Plant  
1054- Test Method For Determination Of Asphalt Binder Content By The Ignition Method  
1055- Asphalt Mat Density by Gauge Testing  
1057- Loaded Wheel Tester Asphalt Mix Rut Testing Method  
1060- Method for Tank Car and Tank Truck Volume Calculations of Asphalt Materials from Net Weights  
1063- Signal Construction Personnel Requirements (631, 632, 633)  
1064- Procedures For Rigid Pavement Thickness Determination  
1073- Precast Concrete Certification Program  
1086- Certification Procedure Non-Standard Cementitious Replacement Materials  
1089- Traffic Marking Material Sampling Requirements  
1090- In-Place Gradation Sampling  
1098- Procedure For Estimating Concrete Strength By The Maturity Method  
1101- Asphalt Concrete Mixing Plants  
1120- Mixture Design for Chemically Stabilized Soils