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The benefits of, and reasons for recycling are numerous. They include helping the environment, saving energy, reducing waste buried in landfills, and creating and retaining local jobs. 

Why Recycle?

Columbus Climate Action Plan: Greenhouse gas emissions from the waste sector are directly tied to methane emissions, which are 25 times as harmful as CO2e. As the population of Columbus is projected to continue growing, landfill space becomes more constrained. It will be the most efficient use of public dollars to reduce the volume of waste and amount of physical space needed to contain it.

A significant amount of landfill waste is readily able to be diverte in recycling streams without any infrastructure changes or new program implementation from metal, glass, paper and plastics. The regional recycling industry in Columbus supports six times more jobs than landfilling, and 80% of the recycled materials stay in the local area. Programs to further spread education and awareness should be implemented throughout the city to increase participation and proper use of the different waste and recycling streams. 

The City of Columbus, through our city’s Climate Action Plan has a target of 40% reduction in recyclable waste landfilled by 2030 and a 95% reduction by 2050. This will result in a greenhouse gas impact of 278,687 metric tons. Find out more about the Climate Action Plan here:

Why is Recycling Important:

Recycling creates a more resilient economy for local businesses and residents, provides opportunities for innovation and creates a brighter, safer future for all of us, including our kids.

Recycling does not just conserve natural resources like timber and minerals; it also reduces the amount of energy required to create goods. More efficient processes help reduce greenhouse gas emissions which contribute to adverse health impacts from air pollution and human-caused climate change.

Recycling also creates well-paying jobs in recycling and manufacturing industries. A study completed by SWACO in 2018 indicates that recycling-related industries in central Ohio employ an estimated 5,000 people and generate over a billion dollars in revenue annually.

In 2019, over 76% of landfilled materials in Franklin County could have been recycled and had a potential value of $23 million!

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