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About Columbus Warrior Watch

For the snowy days of winter, the City of Columbus has developed Columbus WarriorWatch to allow residents to see what streets citywide have been serviced in the past 72 hours.  Residents can go online at warriorwatch.columbus.govto see:

  • What streets have been serviced citywide
  • What priority level—1, 2 or 3—is your street

The Columbus WarriorWatch application works most effectively on computers that have modern desktop browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, version 10 or higher. 

What has been serviced?

This view shows which streets have been serviced by Department of Public Service Snow Warrior trucks within the past 72 hours. 

  • Treated streets have either been plowed or treated with anti-icing materials such as salt or brine.  Brine is applied to a roadway before a storm starts; salt is applied during and after a snowfall.
  • The streets are broken down into four categories:
  • Last 6 Hours: Streets serviced within the past six hours (dark green)
  • Last 12 Hours: Streets serviced within the past 12 hours (light green)
  • Last 24 Hours: Streets serviced within the past 24 hours (purple)
  • Last 72 Hours: Streets serviced within the past 72 hours (light purple)
  • Service activity displayed in the map is updated every 15 minutes.

After searching for an address or clicking on a street you will see  an information box that shows the time and date when the street centerline was last serviced.

treated streets 2

Note:  Due to sensor malfunction and/or availability, Public Service employees may need to manually update service information.  These manual updates may not occur in real-time.

What priority is my street?

This view shows the snow removal priority for City of Columbus streets. Additionally, there are streets which the City of Columbus services on behalf of other agencies. This information is displayed in the Responsibility field in the priority pop-up window.  

  • Streets are broken down into three priorities:
  • Priority1: High traffic volume arterial streets.  Examples include High Street, Broad Street, Morse Road, Livingston Avenue, Parsons Avenue, Sullivant Avenue, Whittier Street and Sawmill Road (Yellow) 
  • Priority2: Lower traffic volume streets.   Examples include Argyle Drive, Blenheim Road, Binns Boulevard, Buttles Avenue, Dunedin Road, Eastmoor Boulevard, Skywae Drive, Summit Row Boulevard and East Woodrow Avenue (Pink)
  • Priority3: Residential streets.   Examples include Duxberry Avenue, Garden Road, Franklin Avenue, Kossuth Street, Laramie Drive, Parkside Road, Scottsdale, Avenue, Welch Avenue and Wetmore Road (Blue)
  • After searching for an address or clicking on a street you will see the priority of a street and responsibility. 

priority 2

Columbus WarriorWatch FAQ

Q:How recent is the information inWarrior Watch?
Warrior watch displays the past 72 hours of treatment activity.

Q:How frequent is the site updated?
Snow  plow vehicles report their position and sensor information every 15 seconds. Sensor information means that the truck’s plow blade is in the down position and the salt spreader on the rear of the truck is turned on and spreading salt on the street.  The map’s information is refreshed every 15 minutes.

Q:How can I search for treatmentinformation?
You can use the search bar to enter a street address (i.e. 50 W Gay St) or an intersection (i.e. High and Maynard).

Q:I have more questions, who do I contact?
For more information on the City’s snow removal process please visit http://columbus.gov/snow

Q:Will this work on my phone?
The application has been designed to support small screens on smartphones.