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Columbus Parking Laws

The Columbus Parking Code was recently updated to improve citizen access and safety, and new rules are now in effect across the City.  There are four specific changes that the Department of Public Service would like to bring to the attention of our residents and guests.

Overtime Parking (Code Section 2151.26)

When parking on a street, make sure to pay attention to the posted time restrictions.  If your vehicle stays parked longer than the allotted time and does not move at least 75 feet, it will be subject to a $30 ticket.

Individual Parking Spaces (Code Section 2105.16)

Pay close attention to parking space markers when parking on a public street.  Spaces may be marked by signage, pavement marking, or a parking meter.  Failing to park within the boundaries of a parking space is a violation and you will be subjected to a $47 ticket.

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72 Hour Rule (Code Section 2151.09)

No vehicle may remain parked on a City street for more than 72 consecutive hours.  If the vehicle remains in the same location and has not moved more than 75 feet, it will be in violation and subject to a $30 ticket.

Failure to Display (Code Section 2151.21 & 2151.01Z)

For designated handicap parking spaces on public streets, the required handicap parking placards or license plates must be properly displayed when parked in a handicap space.  Failure to do so may result in two tickets: Failure to Display, a $50 ticket, and Parking Prohibited in a Handicap Space, a $500 ticket.

Follow these simple guidelines and stay worry free about receiving a parking ticket.  

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