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E. Franklinton Special Parking Area

The creation of a Special Parking Area (SPA) is one recommendation of the Strategic Parking Plan in an effort to preserve parking and facilitate future development in East Franklinton. The goal of the SPA is to create consistent, predictable parking requirements that are appropriate for East Franklinton while also creating a funding mechanism for parking and mobility improvements. The SPA parking standards will support a dense, urban neighborhood, preservation of East Franklinton’s character, and a variety of transportation options, such as walking and transit, as recommended by the East Franklinton Creative Community District Plan (EFCCD).  Creation of the SPA will eliminate parking variances in East Franklinton.

The in-lieu fee establishes a process to effectively manage parking when residential and non-residential developments do not satisfy the parking requirements within the special parking area. The process provides property owners the option to pay a fee “in-lieu” of providing all or a portion of the required parking.

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