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Motorcycles, mopeds and motor scooters may legally park anywhere cars and trucks park according to current City Code. More than one motorized two-wheeled vehicle can park in the same metered space as long as meter payment is made.

Scooter Moped Motorcycle Permits

Columbus' Motorcycle, Moped and Motor Scooter Parking and Permits Program has been created  to accommodate increasing demand for parking in Columbus' urban core. Purchase of a $50 parking permit for the current year authorizes motorized two-wheelers to park at any of the program's designated locations.

Scooter/Moped/Motorcycle Parking Permits are available.

Permits are issued at the Parking Violations Bureau, 2700 Impound Lot Road. The Bureau is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The annual permit is $50 per vehicle.

What you need to have to purchase a permit:

1. Current registration for motorcycle, moped or
motor scooter

2. Valid driver's license

Click here for all of the locations of Two-Wheeled Motor Vehicle parking locations in the city. 

Click here for photographs of the locations of Two-Wheeled Motor Vehicle parking (Numbers correspond to the ones on map)