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Information about Valet Parking Rules and Regulations

Valet Parking Rules and Regulations

Click  here  to view a map of the current valet zones in the City of Columbus

Click  here  for New Valet Parking Zone Rules and Regulations that are effective July 1, 2011

We have now moved to an online system to apply for a valet zone or to pay your fees. Please visit our website at to create your online profile. Once your profile is created, you will need to complete your valet zone application by following the steps below.

  1. Under the Right of Way Section click “Create an Application”
  2. Accept the general disclaimer
  3. Click on"903 - Occupancy Permit (To Occupy the Street, Sidewalk, and/or Right-of-Way while performing Construction)", you will need this permit number to complete the valet zone application
    1. In the application you will need to put a reason for the request, please put "Valet Zone"
  4. Go through steps one and two again then click "On-Street Valet Permit (To Reserve or Designate Area for Permanent Valet Zone)" then complete the application
    1. Some of the documents you you will need to fill out and attach to your valet zone application are below :

Click  here  to view and print the Valet Zone Parking Permit Application

Click  here  to view the Affidavit Form (Required for Application)

Click  here  to view the Indemnity Release Form (Required for Application)

Once your application is complete, city staff will review to make sure everything is correct before invoicing you. 

If you have any questions please contact Michael Tran from Parking Services Support. Michael can be reached by email at