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Proposed Short North Parking Plan

Revised & Improved Plan

The Department of Public Service is pleased to present a revised Short North Parking Plan for comment by the public.  The revised parking plan meets the following community goals:

1.      Customer Focused (residents, employees, patrons, visitors)

i.      Transparent in decision making processes

ii.      Leverage forward thinking parking technology

iii.      Commit to re-evaluation and modifications as plan is implemented

2.      Equitable

i.      Utilize pricing to provide access to the most users possible

ii.      Prioritize user groups based on area & need

3.      Consistent

i.     Clear & easily understandable signage & permit programs

ii.      Fully-staffed Enforcement and technology to support plan implementation

4.      Leverage Mobility Options

i.      Leverage existing multi-modal (transit, ride, car & bike share) options to increase access

ii.      Explore new transportation alternatives to manage parking demand

Plan Summary  updated 5-5-2018

Click here to download the plan summary document or see below for more information on the revised Short North Parking Plan.

Click here to download a draft block by block parking restriction map to see what parking restriction is being installed for your location.

Click here to download more detailed plan recommendations.

Proposed Policies

The City of Columbus is proposing a series of legislative changes to modernize the City's parking system.  Please click on the links below to learn more about what is being proposed.

Click here for a summary of proposed parking plan code changes.

Consideration by City Council:  Parking Code Changes

Consideration by the Director of Public Service:

Parking Permit Program Rules

Parking Benefit District Rules

Parking Meter Rate Adjustment

Feedback Wanted

We want to hear from you on the revised plan.  Please complete a comment form, or provide feedback at the phone number below to make sure your ideas are considered for the revised Short North Parking Plan.

Short North Parking Outreach team Phone:  (614) 502-7223

Public Outreach and Implementation Process

The City is working with a task force representing the interests of all the Short North.  Click here to see who is on the Task Force roster.

Click below to see presentation from previously held meetings.

Community Meeting #1 – April 4th

Planning Summits – April 7th & 10th

Community Meeting #2 – May 10th
Click here to view the May 10th presentation. 
Click here for FAQs from the May 10th presentation.

City Council Consideration (Code Changes)

  • First Reading: May 14th
  • Public Hearing: May 16th, 4 p.m., City Council Chambers, City Hall
  • Second Reading: May 21st

Program & Enforcement Begins – Nov. 13, 2018

Comments Please let us know your thoughts on the Proposed Short North Parking Plan by clicking here.