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Resurfacing FAQ

Frequently AskedQuestions (FAQ)

  • Q: How can I get my street added to the resurfacing list?
    • A: The condition of your street will ultimately dictate if your street is added to the list of streets recommended for resurfacing. The timing will depend on the factors noted above. Contact the 311 Call Center. 
  • Q: When is my street going to be resurfaced?
    • A: Unless your street has been identified for future resurfacing, no exact date can be provided.
  • Q: Will new ADA curb ramps be constructed when the street is resurfaced?
    • A: Yes, if your street has sidewalks and the existing ADA ramps are not compliant, new ADA will likely be constructed. Signalized intersections will also require compliant ADA ramps. Curb ramps can also be sold as a separate contract.
  • Q: Will the curb in front of my house be repaired when my street is resurfaced?
    • A: The condition of the curb in front of your house will be evaluated during the design phase of a resurfacing project. The curb will be replaced if its condition meets the guidelines set forth in the City’s Policy for the Determination of Curb Replacement in Resurfacing Contracts. 
  • Q: Will sidewalks be installed/repaired when my street is resurfaced?
    • A: Sidewalks are not typically installed where sidewalk does not currently exist as part of a resurfacing project. ADA ramp construction may require the replacement of several sidewalk panels in order to meet grades.
  • Q: Will my driveway apron be repaired/replaced when my street is resurfaced?
    • A: No. In accordance with City Code 905.06, the driveway apron is the abutting private property owner’s responsibility.