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Alum Creek Drive-Frebis Avenue to Refugee Road

The city of Columbus and the Ohio Department of Transportation are collaborating to improve Alum Creek Drive between Integrity Drive North and Performance Way/Refugee Road. The planned improvements will reduce traffic congestion and improve safety for pedestrians, bicyclists and mobility-impaired and vision-impaired users.

Current plans include:

  • Widening Alum Creek Drive from two lanes to five, including a middle, left-turn lane for both directions of traffic
  • Resurfacing and replacing pavement markings
  • Building Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant curb ramps at all intersections and adding mid-block crosswalks where needed
  • Adding pedestrian crossing, countdown timers and push buttons at signalized intersection
  • Constructing a shared-use path on the east side and a five-foot-wide sidewalk on the west side of Alum Creek Drive
  • Modifying the bridge over SR-104 to include pedestrian acces
  • Upgrading public (stormwater sewers) and private utilities
  • Planting street trees in tree lawn
  • Installing street lighting
  • Updating signals and signage


  • Design:  Complete
  • Right-of-way acquisition and utility work: Complete
  • Construction:  Begins summer 2017, will be complete summer 2019

Estimated Costs:  Funding is 80% federal dollars and 20% City.

  • Design:  $1.6 million
  • Right-of-way acquisition and utility work:  $1.65 million
  • Construction:  $15.1 million

Contact Information:

  • City of Columbus Design Project Manager: Jud Hines, P.E.,
    tel. (614) 645-1512  
  • Consultant:  Prime Engineering, Inc.
  • Construction Contractor: Shelly and Sands