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American Addition, Phases 2 and 3

Description and benefits:
The city of Columbus has completed plans for Phases 2 and 3 of improvements to the historic American Addition neighborhood, established in 1898. Work in these phases will upgrade road conditions, add pedestrian safety features and improve stormwater drainage.

Improvements will be made on 12th Avenue, Dewey Avenue, Helena Alley, Katahdin Alley, Key West Avenue, Olympia Alley, Petrel Alley, Puritan Avenue and Woodford Avenue, including:

• Reconstructing roadway and alleys
• Constructing new sidewalks, Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant curb ramps, gutters and curbs
• Improving storm drainage system and water lines
• Erecting street lights
• Planting street trees
• Updating traffic signs and pavement markings

The project also includes innovative green features such as rain gardens and pervious concrete curbs.

Design: Scheduled for completion in summer 2016
Construction: Planned to begin in autumn 2016 and finish in autumn 2017, weather permitting
Access to properties will be maintained during construction.

Estimated costs:
Design:  $400,000
Right-of-way acquisition: $350,000
Construction, materials and inspections: $5,200,000

Contact information:
Project Manager: Tom Murphy, P.E., tel. (614) 645-8455
Designer: EMH&T
Construction contractor: TBD