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Columbus Traffic Signal System Project Phase C

Description and Benefits:   The existing Columbus Traffic Signal System (CTSS) was conceived and initiated in the 1970's and provided state-of-the-art control for its time.  The system allows for monitoring and operation of more than 1,000 signalized intersections, co-existence/operation of traffic surveillance cameras, and emergency pre-emption.  The City of Columbus is implementing infrastructure changes to migrate the CTSS to an open architecture that can serve central Ohio stakeholders with system connectivity and interoperability.  The goal is to move forward with future investments for the CTSS that will maximize use of previous investments based on the Columbus Traffic Signal System Assessment and Strategic Plan, November 2005.  This project is the third phase in a series of projects to migrate all Columbus traffic signals to a new central traffic control system.  This project includes approximately 213 signalized intersections including 20 Franklin County intersections.

This phase replaces traffic signal controllers and communications equipment.  Fiber optic cable and wireless communications will be used to communicate to the intersections.  Existing traffic surveillance cameras will be upgraded and new surveillance cameras are added to this phase.  This phase expands the ability for interagency data exchange for the Department of Public Service and Department of Technology as part of the Citywide Connectivity and TechColumbus goals with other agencies in the metropolitan Columbus region.  The design will support regional integration activities and the communications approach recommended by the Signal System Assessment and Strategic Plan.

Design:  June 2012 - Autumn 2014
Construction:  Spring 2015 - Autumn 2016

Status:  In construction.

Design:  $2.2 million
Construction and inspection:  $9.4 million
*$8.8 million paid for with Congestion, Mitigation & Air Quality funds

Contact Information:
Project Manager for Design: Ryan Bollo, P.E., tel. (614) 645-3946
Designer: HNTB Ohio, Inc.
Construction Contractor: TBD

Project Limits include, but are not limited to:
West Broad Street from I-270 to Belle Street
Sullivant Avenue from Georgesville Road to Glenwood Avenue
Mound Street from downtown to Binns Boulevard
Norton Road from Alkire Road to Sullivant Avenue
Parsons Avenue from Sycamore Street to Obetz Road
Brice Road from Livingston Avenue to Gender Road
Livingston Avenue from Front Street to Brice Road
Lockbourne Road from SR 104 to Whittier Avenue
Greenlawn Avenue from Harmon Avenue to High Street