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Hamilton Road (South) Widening - Refugee Road  to I-70

Project Scope: This project will upgrade the roadway, sidewalk, bikeway facilities, lighting, and storm water facilities within the City of Columbus right‐of‐way in the Eastland Area along the Hamilton Road corridor.   Hamilton Road will be widened to provide an additional southbound through lane from Kimberly Parkway/Kingsland Avenue to Groves Road. Additional intersection improvements are also included. Hamilton Road will be resurfaced for the full limits. 

Combination curb and gutter will be installed along the full limits of Hamilton Road.  Concrete walk shall be installed on the east side of Hamilton Road and a shared use path on the west side.  Bio retention cells will be installed in select areas to provide storm water quantity/quality.  Service roads with poor pavement conditions will be resurfaced.  Existing signals will be replaced with new signals at the Hamilton intersections with Eastland Square Dr., Refugee, S. 

Eastland, N. Eastland, Macsway, Kimberly Parkway/Kingsland Avenue, and Groves.  Two existing structures providing crossings over Miller Ditch are within the limits of the project. The Hamilton Road structure will be replaced with a new structure accommodating the proposed improvements. The Groves Road structure will be extended as necessary.

Estimated Costs:
Design: $2.5 million
Right-of-Way Acquisition: $2 million 
Construction: $18.7 million

Current Status: In Construction


Design: Complete 
Right of way: Complete
Construction: Complete Fall 2022


Contact Information:

Construction Project Manager: Scott Wilson - (614) 645-0425
Designer: MS Consultants 
Contractor: Shelly & Sands 

    Planning Maps and Illustration:

    Hamilton Road Project Street Level Drawing

    Hamilton Road Project Map North

    Hamilton Road Project Map South