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Hamilton Road Phase A


This project is one of multiple phases of improvements to the North Hamilton Road corridor from Morse Road to East Dublin Granville Road.  This project will increase vehicular capacity and upgrade the pedestrian system. 

This phase includes:

  • A second through-lane in each direction on North Hamilton Road from Morse Road to approximately 500’ north of Menerey Lane/Preserve Boulevard
  • A second through lane in each direction on Morse Road from North Hamilton Road to approximately 1,200’ east of North Hamilton then transitioning to a three lane section terminating at Trellis Lane/Underwood Farms Boulevard
  • A shared use path on the north side of Morse Road and the east side of Hamilton Road for the entire project limits
  • Sidewalks on the south side of Morse Road and the west side of Hamilton Road for the entire project limits
  • Street lighting, street trees, and curb and gutter


Design: Spring 2015 – Early 2020
Right-of-way acquisition: Summer 2016 – Fall 2019
Construction: Summer 2020 – Spring 2023, subject to funding approval by City Council and weather conditions

Design: $2.5 million 
Right-of-way acquisition: $4.2 million (MORPC providing $3.3 million)

Utility relocation: $2 million (MORPC providing $1.6 million)
Construction: $20 million (MORPC proving $15.4 million, OPWC providing $3.9 million)


City of Columbus construction project manager: Andrew Griesdorn, P.E., (614) 645-6370
Designer: WSP USA
Construction contractor: Shelly & Sands, Inc.