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Hamilton Road Phase B


This project is one of multiple phases of improvements to the N. Hamilton Road corridor from Morse Road to SR-161 and intersecting arterial roadways, Morse Road and Dublin-Granville, geared to increase vehicular capacity, extend bikeway facilities and complete gaps in the pedestrian system.

This phase includes:

  • A new N. Hamilton Road corridor will be created from a point along the existing corridor approximately 500’ north of Menerey Lane/Preserve Boulevard to E. Dublin-Granville Road such that it aligns with existing N. Hamilton Road from E. Dublin-Granville to SR-161.
  • N. Hamilton Road will consist of two through lanes in each direction with a raised center median, sidewalk, shared use path, curb, street trees, street lighting, storm sewer, waterline and new intersections where roadways or access points are planned.
  • The existing corridor will remain except it will be realigned as needed to connect to the new N. Hamilton Road corridor.


  • Design – June 2015 to February 2016
  • Construction is estimated to begin in April 2016 and conclude in May 2017, weather permitting.

Estimated Costs:
Construction and inspection: $7,805,000

Contact Information:  

  • Design Project Manager:  Matthew Lorenz, P.E., tel. (614) 645-5109
  • Designer: Stantec Consulting
  • Construction Contractor: Shelly & Sands, Inc.