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Hamilton Road and Livingston Intersection Safety Improvements

Description and benefits:

This project will relocate four COTA bus stops, including  the construction of two bus pull-offs (one on Livingston Avenue east of Hamilton Road and one on Hamilton Road south of Livingston Avenue).  There will also be installation of new signage warning pedestrians to watch for vehicles and drivers to yield as well as crosswalk modifications.

Lane closures during construction:
Livingston Avenue - Eastbound curb lane during construction work hours
Hamilton  Road – Southbound curb lane during construction work hours

Estimated costs:
Design: $55,000
Construction: $400,000

Current status: In design

Estimated schedule:
Design: Summer 2015 to early spring 2017
Construction: Spring 2017 to autumn 2017

Contact Information:
City of Columbus design project manager: Kyle Hardy  (614) 645-2732
Designer: GPD Group
Construction contractor: TBD