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Little Turtle Way Roadway Improvements - SR-161 to Firewater Lane

Project Scope: This project will include roadway improvements to Little Turtle Way which will help improve traffic and mobility and reduce congestion, these include combining separated northbound and southbound lanes of Little Turtle Way into a unified two-way roadway between Blue Jacket Rd and the westbound ramp at SR 161, upgrading the intersection of Little Turtle Way and Longrifle Road to a modern roundabout, and installing sidewalk along the west side and a shared- use path along the east side of Little Turtle way between Blue Jacket Road and the westbound ramp art SR 161. 


Little Turtle Way Public Meeting:
A virtual public meeting was held on Wednesday, October 28, 2020. A recording of the meeting can be found here


Estimated Costs:

  • Design: $350,000
  • Right-of-Way Acquisition: $100,000
  • Construction: $5.5 million 

Current Status: in Design 


  • Study: Completed and Approved Fall 2019
  • Design: Completed Summer 2021
  • Right of way: Scheduled to finish acquisition in 2022
  • Construction: Begin in 2022


Contact Information:


  • Design Project Manager:  Kevin Thomas tel (614) 645-6470
  • Designer: Carpenter Marty Transportation, Inc.
  • Contractor:  To Be Determined