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Mound Street Sidewalks

Mound Street Sidewalks between Binns Boulevard and Wayne Avenue


The city of Columbus is continuing its plans for building sidewalks on Mound Street between Binns Boulevard and Wayne Avenue. The new sidewalks will connect to sidewalks built by the City in 2011 on Mound between Binns Boulevard and Brinker Avenue. The planned improvements will increase safety for pedestrians, schoolchildren, mobility-impaired and vision-impaired users.


Current plans include:


  • Constructing sidewalks, curbs, stormwater inlets and Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant ramps on both sides of Mound Street. Sidewalks will be seven feet wide between Hague and Wayne avenues, five feet wide between Hague Avenue and Binns Boulevard.
  • Reducing Mound Street between Hague and Wayne avenues from four lanes to three, and Mound between Hague Avenue and Binns Boulevard from four lanes to two to accommodate new sidewalks
  • Building tree lawns between curbs and sidewalks on both sides of Mound Street between Hague Avenue and Binns Boulevard
  • Resurfacing asphalt and replacing pavement markings and signage on Mound Street inside project limits
  • Adding pedestrian push-button signals at intersections of Hague Avenue & Mound and Wayne Avenue & Mound 
  • Removing traffic signals at intersections of Binns Boulevard & Mound Street and Richardson Avenue & Mound Street
  • Keeping Mound Street between Binns Boulevard and Wayne Avenue a no-parking area



Estimated schedule:


Right-of-way acquisition: Summer 2016 – spring 2017


Construction: Scheduled to finish by spring 2018, subject to weather conditions



Estimated cost:


Construction: $3.9 million



Contact information:


City of Columbus construction project manager Paul Chilton, P.E., tel. (614) 645-0411


Designer: Woolpert, LLP       


Construction contractor: Double Z Construction

Mound Street Sidewalk Project Illustration

Mound Street Sidewalk Project Map