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NCR-Milo Grogan - 5th Avenue and Cleveland Avenue

The City of Columbus will be making $22.9 million in infrastructure improvements in the Milo Grogan and Weinland Park neighborhoods between 2013 and 2015. 

  • The improvements will take place as eight different projects
  • These planned infrastructure improvements will leverage an estimated $281 million in private development 
  • This work has been made possible through partnerships with neighborhood organizations, the Ohio Department of Transportation, The Ohio State University, Wagenbrenner Development and others 
  • NCR-Milo Grogan (Fifth Avenue and Cleveland Avenue) is the third of eight projects  


  • The project will replace existing sidewalks and curbs on both sides of 5th Avenue from Grant Avenue to I-71 and a portion of Cleveland Avenue. 
  • An additional eastbound lane will be constructed on 5th Avenue between the railroad and Corrugated Way and a new northbound right turn lane on Cleveland Avenue to 5th Avenue and a southbound right turn lane along Cleveland Avenue to a future access drive.

Schedule:   Construction is  scheduled to begin in July 2014, with completion scheduled for fall 2015.

Design:  $537,751.60
ROW acquisition:  $639,035.00
Construction:  $6,500,000

Contact Information:
Project Manager: Paul Chilton, tel. (614) 645-0411  
Designer:  EMH&T
Contractor: Shelly & Sands, Inc.