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Parsons Avenue Neighborhood Sidewalks

The city of Columbus and the Ohio Department of Transportation are collaborating to improve Parsons Avenue between Dering Avenue and Obetz Road and some neighboring streets.  The improvements will increase safety for children and other pedestrians by:

  • Constructing sidewalks and Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant curb ramps and bus stop landing pads on project streets:
    • Both sides of Parsons Avenue between Dering Avenue and Obetz Road
    • North side of Stockbridge Road between South 8th Street and Parsons Avenue
    • South side of Hilock Road between Lee Ellen Place and Parsons Avenue
    • Both sides of South 8th Street between Stockbridge Road and Lee Ellen Place
  • Upgrading traffic signals, signage and pedestrian countdown timers and push-buttons at crosswalks
  • The project does not include new curbs and gutters.
  • Parking: Some current parking spaces will be eliminated.

Property acquisition:

  • The public right-of-way may need to be widened on some project streets and require real estate acquisition by the city of Columbus to allow for construction of sidewalks, curb ramps and other features
  • Properties that will be affected have been identified
  • The City Attorney's Office will contact in writing any home or business owner who will be directly affected by right-of-way acquisition

Objects in public right-of-way:

  • Fences, business signs and other items that are in the public right-of-way are violations of Columbus City Code 902.02
  • Property owners will be notified to remove objects such as those from the right-of-way
  • If the City asks a property owner to remove such objects from the right-of-way and the owner does not respond, the City will remove the items and charge the property owner for the removal

Schedule: Right of way acquisition began in autumn 2015, with construction tentatively scheduled in 2017 if funding becomes available.

Costs: Estimated design and construction:  $2.4 million

Contact Information: 
Project Manager: Paul Chilton, P.E.  (614) 645-0411   
Designer: Transystems
Construction Contractor: TBD