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Information about Resurfacing 2014 Package 4

Resurfacing 2014 Package 4

Description and Benefits:   Street resurfacing improves ride quality, reduces street maintenance expenses and serves as a means of renewing and prolonging the life of roads and highways. The work consists of milling the existing pavement, overlaying with new asphalt and replacing curbs and sidewalks, only as necessary, in order to accommodate new Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant curb ramps. Plans call for partial depth pavement repair only as needed.  Fifty-five percent of typical project costs go toward resurfacing, partial/full depth pavement repairs and curb repairs; 35% for curb ramps and 10% for construction inspection.  

Schedule:   Construction is tentatively scheduled to begin in summer 2014.   
Contact Information:  
614 645-3111
Designer: City of Columbus 
Contractor-Shelly and Sands 

The following roads will be resurfaced as part of Package 4:

  • South 18th Street, between East Broad Street and Bryden Road
  • Fair Avenue, between South 20th Street and South Champion Avenue
  • East Main Street, between 411 feet west of Noe Bixby Road and 290 east of Manor Drive
  • East Main Street, between Gould Road and 249 feet east of Barnett Road
  • McAllister Avenue, between South 18th Street and Oakwood Avenue
  • South Monroe Avenue, between East Main Street and Bryden Road
  • South Monroe Avenue, between East Mound Street and East Main Street
  • East Mound Street, between South 18th Street and Linwood Avenue
  • Oak Street, between South 18th Street and Hoffman Avenue
  • Sullivant Avenue, between Glenwood Avenue and 146 feet east of South Central Avenue
  • Wilson Avenue, between East Main Street and Cole Street