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Sinclair Road Improvements

The City of Columbus is currently in the design phase of a roadway improvement project along Sinclair Road. The project begins at Morse Road and extends north to Strimple Avenue. The roadway improvements will include the following items:

  • Construction of sidewalk along both sides of Sinclair Road between Morse Road and Strimple Avenue.
  • Construction of sidewalk along both sides of Strimple Avenue between Morse Road and the existing sidewalks approximately 120 feet east of Morse Road.
  • Improvements to the roadway drainage along Sinclair Road; especially between Freeway Drive South and Freeway Drive North.
  • Installation of ADA accessible curb ramps at intersections.
  • Resurfacing of Sinclair Road from approximately Freeway Drive South to Strimple Avenue.

Construction is scheduled for Summer of 2021


  • Construction Estimate: $1,800,000

Contact Information:

City of Columbus design project manager: Kevin Thomas, P.E., (614) 645-6470
City of Columbus Construction Engineer: Jacob Slechter, PE (614) 724-2625