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Sinclair Road Improvements

The City of Columbus is currently in the design phase of a roadway improvement project along Sinclair Road. The project begins at Morse Road and extends north to Strimple Avenue. The roadway improvements will include the following items:

  • Construction of sidewalk along both sides of Sinclair Road between Morse Road and Strimple Avenue.
  • Construction of sidewalk along both sides of Strimple Avenue between Morse Road and the existing sidewalks approximately 120 feet east of Morse Road.
  • Replacement of the existing culvert at Bull Moose Run. The new structure will be designed to accommodate three lanes of traffic and sidewalks on both sides of Sinclair Road.
  • Improvements to the roadway drainage along Sinclair Road; especially between Freeway Drive South and Freeway Drive North.
  • Installation of ADA accessible curb ramps at intersections.
  • Resurfacing of Sinclair Road from approximately Freeway Drive South to Strimple Avenue.

Design is scheduled for completion in 2018
Right of Way acquisition will occur in 2019 
Construction is tentatively scheduled to start in 2020, pending funding


  • Design: $275,000
  • R/W Acquisition: $160,000
  • Construction Estimate: $1,600,000

Questions may be directed to:
Kevin Thomas, P.E.:  (614) 645-6470