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Summer Camp Registration

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Design and Construction The Design and Construction and Strategic Planning teams are  multi discipline Sections within the Department of Recreation and Parks with a diverse staff of professionals with backgrounds in landscape architecture, planning, natural resources, construction, structural, and civil engineering.  The two sections serves the public in future planning, design, construction supervision and management, property acquisition and management, general and technical information for all of Columbus' parks and recreational facilities. Both sections are located in the Jerry Hammond Center at 1111 E. Broad St. More information about conducting business with the Department can be found below.

Contract Bids CRPD uses a competitive bidding process to procure the services of general contractors, design professionals and engineers, to help develop and rebuild our future projects. Bids can be seen on the City of Columbus Vendor Services Website.

Facility Design Guidelines and Green Design Guidelines/Energy Efficiency Standards Facility Design Guidelines and Green Design Guidelines/Energy Efficiency Standards
CRPD's Facility Design Guidelines provide a summary of general information, design requirements, standard drawings, supplemental specifications, and forms for design consultants, developers, other City departments, and other groups involved in the design of CRPD facilities. Understanding CRPD Facility Design Guidelines will promote successful project coordination and completion for all stakeholders involved. Facility Design Guidelines can be found here

Additionally, CRPD aspires to meet the energy goals established in the Columbus Climate Action Plan for all new development and renovation projects. The CRPD Green Design Guidelines and Energy Efficiency Standards document can be found here.

Non-Park Use Policy (NPUP) Information CRPD’s NPUP policy limits private use and any development of parks and parkland that would interfere with recreational opportunities. NPUP Policy can be found here.

Any entity requesting non-park use or development must submit a NPUP Application to CRPD Property Manager Tina Mohn at [email protected]. The updated 2022 application can be found here.

Sample Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) can be found here.

Tree Removal and Mitigation Plan All projects public or private should strive to retain and enhance the existing tree canopy. If tree removal is necessary, the consultant or the contracting department shall prepare a Tree Removal and Mitigation Plan. CRPD’s Tree Protection and Mitigation Policy can be found here.

Standard Notes * Updated February 2022 CRPD has general note requirements for CIP, new and redevelopment projects. Standard CRPD Notes can be found here

Relevant Documents for RFP/RFSQ Contracts The following documents shall be considered when submitting a proposal or statement of qualifications:
Utilizing Environmentally Preferable Requirements (see here)
Safety by Design: Safety Requirements for Renovations and New Construction (see here)

Standard Drawings CRPD Tree Planting Detail 
CRPD Tree Protection Detail