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Marinas and Docks

Public boat docks are available to rent at the Griggs, Hoover and O’Shaughnessy reservoirs. The public dock season runs May 1 through October 31 each year. Dock fees for the season are $550 at all three of the reservoirs. 

ODNR Division of Wildlife Maps & Information

Griggs Reservoir

Hoover Reservoir

O'Shaughnessy Reservoir

ODNR Division of Watercraft Boating Info

Please read below for additional boating regulations at City of Columbus Reservoirs. 

Public Boat Dock Lottery

Starting in 2020, we will no longer be holding a lottery for new customers. The marinas have not filled to capacity in recent years so the lottery is no longer needed until we reach capacity on a regular basis. Starting April 15, 2020, new customers can come in to reserve an available dock at any of our three marina locations (not including Red Bank Marina) on a first-come, first-served basis. New customers must provide a valid boat registration to obtain a dock permit. Bills of sale will fulfill this requirement until registration is processed. The dock and boat must be in the same name.

Internal Switch Dates

For dock customers who obtained a dock or stake permit in 2019 and renewed for 2020 before the deadline of April 1, 2020, if you wish to change your public dock location (either a different slip at the same marina or to switch marinas), we will offer one week in which you can request this change. The dates open for moving your slip/marina will be April 8–April 14, 2020. Please contact us at 614-645-3337 to see what is available. In addition, the waitlist for Red Bank Marina has been created. If you would like to be added to this list, to have the chance to move to this location when availability allows, let our office know and we will reserve your spot in line.

Private Docks and Stakes

The permitting of private docks, stakes and moorings is governed by Title 9: "Streets, Parks, and Public Properties Code"; Chapter 921: "Watercraft on Reservoirs" of Columbus City Code.

921.01-8 (L)(1) - Minimum qualifications when applying for a private dock permit: "The applicants property, at a minimum, must be contiguous and parallel to undeveloped city controlled property for one hundred (100) feet" and "must own real property contiguous and parallel to undeveloped city property within two hundred and fifty (250) feet of the ordinary high water mark."

921.01-8 (L)(2) - Minimum qualifications when applying for a private stake permit: "The applicants property, at a minimum, must be contiguous and parallel to undeveloped city controlled property for ten (10) feet" and "must own real property contiguous and parallel to undeveloped city property within two hundred and fifty (250) feet of the ordinary high water mark."

A valid Land Stewardship Plan (LSA) is required to obtain a Private Dock or Stake Permit.  The Department of Public Utilities, Watershed Management issues LSAs for property owners that live along all three City of Columbus reservoirs.  For additional information on LSAs and other Watershed Management Programs, please visit /watershed/

Columbus, Ohio Code of Ordinances  

Further information and eligibility requirements; please contact us at 614-645-3337.

Additional Information

Maximum Craft Length:
Griggs and O'Shaughnessy: All vessels maximum length is 22'.
Hoover: Power craft maximum length is 22'.
Hoover: Sail craft maximum length is 25'.

Horsepower and Speed Limits:
Griggs and O'Shaughnessy: Unlimited horsepower, 40 mph max.
Hoover: 10 horsepower max., 10 mph max.

Skiing, Swimming, Etc:
Skiing and wakeboarding are permitted at Griggs and O'Shaughnessy Reservoirs.
Jet skis, tubing and swimming are NOT permitted on any City of Columbus Reservoir.

May 1st marks the annual return of boaters to the City of Columbus' three large reservoirs: Grigg's, Hoover and O'Shaughnessy. Although boating occurs year round, a major increase occurs when the three public marinas are open May 1st to October 31st each year for boaters who would rather not trailer their boat to the water every day. These watercraft enthusiasts are able to enjoy the beauty, serenity and recreational options provided by these water resources without any of the normal inconveniences of trailering and launching at public ramps.

The marinas are operated by the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department who lease slips for the boating season. A public lottery is held each spring for persons who wish to get a slip, however there are usually enough slips at Grigg's and O'Shaughnessy for interested boaters to get in at any point in the season. Participating in the lottery gives you the chance to get first choice at the location that suits you best. The current rules allow slip holders to continue to renew year after year assuring multiple seasons of boating enjoyment without worrying about not having a spot for your boat the next year.

The marinas provide a terrific opportunity for everyone in the Central Ohio area to enjoy these waterways. Whether you are a fisherman, waterskier, sailboater or pontoon family boater there is a spot on our reservoirs for your enjoyment. Grigg's and O'Shaughnessy are most popular with the power boaters where they can take advantage of the open zones allowing up to 40mph boating. Hoover Reservoir is more popular with sailboaters and pontoon boaters due to its 10 horsepower maximum limit across the entire lake. Before launching a vessel with a motor in excess of 10 horsepower on Hoover Reservoir, which is limited to 10 horsepower and 10mph, the motor must be tilted up and remain tilted while on the reservoir. Motors in excess of 10 horsepower may remain in a non-tilt position provided the prop is removed prior to launch and remains so while on the waterway. This rule is per City of Columbus Ordinance 921.01 and is subject to enforcement by any officer authorized per state code, including State watercraft officers. For questions, please contact the Columbus Department of Public Utilities, Watershed Management Office at (614) 645-1721 or e-mail .

Security at the marinas is a common concern of people considering a slip at one of these public areas. The City of Columbus addresses this issue in several ways. First and foremost is to encourage the boat owners to take an active part in this process by not leaving appealing items on their boats to be removed. All of the marina areas are secured with locking gates which have the tumblers changed every season to further increase this safety precaution. On shore lights shine on the docks at night and a watchful vigil is maintained by the Columbus Marine Park Police at Grigg's and the Columbus Watershed Rangers at O'Shaughnessy and Hoover. At all three reservoirs the patrol watercraft are based adjacent to the marinas and the watchful eye of these officers coming and going contributes to the low incidence of problems at the marinas.

For more information on obtaining a dock for your watercraft contact the Recreation and Parks Department at 645-3337.