Summer Camp Registration

Summer Camp Registration

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The Capital Kids Program Director - Sheri-Lynn Wynn
1111 E. Broad St.
Columbus, OH 43205
(614) 645-3330

What is the Capital Kids Program? Capital Kids is an after-school enrichment program for children in grades K–5. Our trained staff take a comprehensive approach, leveraging state-of-the-art technology, field trips and high performance standards to bolster your child’s academic achievement. The program is currently offered at four community centers in high-risk neighborhoods, as identified by Columbus City Schools. 

In addition to after-school activities, the program offers a 1-week spring camp and an 8-week summer camp. 

Core Elements Academic Support
includes homework help, integrating with school learning plans and participating in school parent/teacher conferences

includes a free hot meal and/or snack at the program site

Enrichment Opportunities
includes activities such as cooking, gardening, art, fitness, and Girl and Boy Scouts

includes anger management, substance abuse and violence prevention, anti-bullying and peer mediation

Recreation and Socialization
includes activities such as ball games, board games and outdoor play

Family Involvement
Includes family activities, referrals to resources and ongoing communication; parents are encouraged to volunteer with the program

Affordability We are proud to offer low-cost programs to fit any budget. Our main after-school program is $75 per academic school year. Our 8-week summer camp is $100 and our 1-week spring camp is $55.

Financial assistance is also available to qualified applicants through our PLAY Scholarship Fund.

Capital Kids Sites Feddersen Community Center
3911 Dresden St.
Columbus, OH 43224

Beatty Community Center
247 N. Ohio Ave.
Columbus, OH 43203

Sullivant Gardens Community Center
755 Renick St.
Columbus, OH 43223

Marion Franklin Community Center
2801 Lockbourne Rd.
Columbus, OH 43207

After School Citations 2018
Capital Kids Program Director, Sheri-Lynn Wynn, accepts a citation from Mayor Andrew J. Ginther and a resolution from City Councilmember Elizabeth Brown in celebration of LIGHT’S ON, a national advocacy day for more funding for after school programming.