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The Capital Kids Program Director - Sheri-Lynn Wynn
1111 E. Broad St.
Columbus, OH 43205
(614) 645-3330

What is the Capital Kids Program? Established in 2000, the Capital Kids Program was a new model for after school programming, designed to provide participants with a safe place to learn and play once school day was over. By incorporating a trained staff with state of the art technology, high expectations and performance standards, the program was also designed to help improve student's academic achievement.

Capital Kids Hot Card

Where does the Capital Kids Program take place? The Capital Kids Program is available in the four community centers listed below:
Beatty Community Center
Feddersen Community Center
Marion Franklin Community Center
Sullivant Gardens Community Center

How does the Capital Kids Program Help? The children receive a nutritious snack and/or hot meal daily upon their arrival to the community center after school. Equally, the children get academic assistance, including help with their homework, science projects, literacy tutoring and computer math. Additionally, enrichment activities such as cooking, field trips, drama and art are also introduced to the children in the Capital Kids Program. Furthermore, prevention programs in anger management, substance abuse, violence and peer mediation are introduced. Children will enjoy recreation and socialization through basketball, board games, outdoor play and group activities. Last, the Capital Kids Program promotes a strong family involvement, including family fun nights, resource referrals, parent/ staff conferences, and newsletters.

Capital Kids Program Applications Applications for the Capital Kids Spring Camp at Beatty, Feddersen, and Marion Franklin April 22nd – 26th, 2019 are now available.  You can obtain an application by either printing it from this page or contacting the camp site where you wish to register.   All applications and registration fees will be submitted at the camp site of your choosing. No applications for this program will be accepted anywhere else.  There is a capacity to serve up to 35 participants at each of the three sites.

Capital Kids Spring Camp Application 

CAPITAL KIDS SUMMER CAMP RUNS FROM MONDAY, JUNE 10 – FRIDAY, AUGUST 2.    Applications for summer camp will be available Monday, May 13th so please check back or visit the site of your choosing:  Beatty, Feddersen, Marion Franklin or Sullivant Gardens.

Capital Kids Program Educational Gardens Locations Beatty Community Center
Feddersen Community Center
Marion-Franklin Community Center

FAMILY RESOURCES CAP4Kids (The Children’s Advocacy Project) was developed in 2005 as a way for healthcare providers, social workers, child advocates and parents and teens to find reliable, up-to-date information on community resources to help improve and enhance the lives of children and families. Click here to learn more.

After School Citations 2018
Capital Kids Program Director, Sheri-Lynn Wynn, accepts a citation from Mayor Andrew J. Ginther and a resolution from City Councilmember Elizabeth Brown in celebration of LIGHT’S ON, a national advocacy day for more funding for after school programming.