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CoGo Bike Sharing Program The CoGo Bike Share system launched in July 2013 with a network of 300 bicycles and 30 stations located throughout downtown Columbus. Today, CoGo boasts around 90 stations and 600 bikes serving Columbus, Bexley, Upper Arlington, Grandview Heights and Easton. The system provides Columbus residents and visitors an additional transportation option for getting around town that is fun, easy, and affordable. 

CoGo is available for use 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and includes both classic pedal bikes and electric assist ebikes. The station network provides twice as many docking points as bicycles, assuring that an available dock to return your bicycle is always nearby. 

CoGo Bike Station Map

How does bike sharing work? The automated system features annual and 24-hour memberships which can be easily purchased online. Each time a member uses a bike, the first 45 minutes are free, followed by per minute charges thereafter. Annual members may request a small key fob device that unlocks the bike at any station. Then you can use the bike for as many trips as you want within the limit of your membership. It's ideal for short trips that are 45 minutes or less.

About the Bikes... The bikes are an aluminum step-through frame that is light, strong and durable. An easily adjustable seat, active lighting, front mounted luggage carrier, fenders, and puncture resistant tires make the bikes efficient and easy to use. The ebike also includes an electric assist motor to help you conquer hills and get where you’re going faster, no sweat. 

Bike Sharing is an Opportunity!

There are some great ways you can help bring bike sharing into your community. We are continually seeking sponsors to help expand and improve the reach of the system. If you are a business owner, you can provide your employees with memberships or discounts to use the system, or perhaps sponsor a station and display your company logo as a grass roots supporter, create special offers or events to engage the community, or provide an amenity for your tenants.

If you wish to learn more about the bike sharing program, have questions about being a sponsor, or simply would like to provide feedback, please contact Lyft here or visit the official CoGo website.