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Educational Gardens

WHAT IS THE EDUCATIONAL GARDENS PROGRAM? Educational Gardens is a gardening and health program through Columbus Recreation and Parks with partnership from Local Matters, a local non-profit that educates and increases access to healthy foods in local communities. Individuals in each community can help to grow and raise vegetables and fruits at select community centers. At the end of each growing season, members from all over the community can receive produce grown by their own neighbors. Local Matters also conducts programs throughout the growing season for children and adults to learn more about growing food in their own backyards, the importance of healthy foods and how to cook with healthy foods.

WHAT IS FOOD MATTERS? Local Matters longest-lasting program, Food Matters, is an eight-week program providing weekly lessons to educate children on the importance of healthy food, where it is from, how to grow it and how to cook it. This program stresses the relationship between healthy food and strong bodies, which gives kids a greater appreciation for fresh and local foods.

WHAT IS GROWING MATTERS? Growing Matters is another Local Matters program that is held in conjunction with the Educational Gardens at the community centers. The program instructor works with the garden classes to build and maintain a working garden at the center. This program provides resources, education and support so participants can grow and care for food.

HOW CAN I GET INVOLVED? Columbus Recreation and Parks has multiple community centers involved in this program. If you want to help grow healthy fruits and vegetables, then please contact one of our Educational Gardens locations:
Blackburn Community Center
Dodge Community Center
Feddersen Community Center
Howard Community Center
Thompson Community Center
Whetstone Community Center
William H. Adams Community Center
Woodward Park Community Center

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