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Geocaching in Columbus’ Parks


Geocaching has become a new recreational activity throughout Central Ohio. It’s an entertaining adventure game for GPS users. Participating in a cache hunt is a good way to take advantage of the wonderful features and capability of GPS unit as they explore the outdoors. With Geocaching, individuals and organizations set up caches all over the world and share their locations on the internet, at GPS users can tell us the location coordinates to find the caches. Once found a cache may provide the visitor with a variety of rewards. In return, the visitor is asked to leave something in cache in exchange for whatever he/she takes.


The Geocaching Placement Site Permit Application is an application for registration and placement of geocache in Columbus parks. Please supply all the information requested. You must submit the form to the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department Office. The geocache site location is subject to review by the Department Staff. Completion of A Geocache Place Site Permit Application is required and indicated with the return to applicant with a signed Permit and assigned index number. Index numbers are Department generated and based on the location number of the park.  Complete the Geocaching Placement Site Permit Application HERE. 

The following guidelines apply to all geocaches in Columbus park lands:

  • Placement of geocaches on city park land requires authorization of the Recreation and Parks Department. The authorization will be considered through a review process, which insures its location is compatible with other park and forest activities.
  • Submit to the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department an identified geocache contact person responsible for necessary upkeep of the site prior to approval.
  • There should be no earth disturbance or vegetative impact to any approved site. Nor should the cache be readily discernable by the general public.
  • Cache(s) shall not be placed in plastic (PVC) pipe.
  • Cache name must be clearly visible on the exterior of all geocache containers. Writ with a permanent marker “CRPD- Insert Name- Geocache” on the container. The cache name must be the same on the container, Geocache Placement Site Permit Application, and any web site postings.
  • The cache may not be placed in City Nature Preserves, on-stream banks, or in, riparian zones, wetlands, exemplary natural communities, ecologically sensitive areas, unique geological features, dam structures, or unsafe areas. You may contact the Columbus Recreation and Parks Office for possible additional restrictions or questions concerning the proposed location.
  • Abandoned or unauthorized geocaches on City park lands will be removed and treated as abandoned property, and the responsible person may be cited for littering.
  • Responsible party shall delete site locations(s) from all publications and/or websites(s) within seven days of removal, and shall notify the City of the removal.
  • The City retains the right to search and/or remove the geocache at anytime without cause.


For more information contact Recreation and Parks @ 614 645-3395 or [email protected].