Get Active 2018

"Get Active" Fitness Centers and Programs Columbus Recreation and Parks Department has 18 designated "Get Active" centers with specialized workout facilities, cardio equipment, weight machines and hundreds of fitness classes. Get moving. Get fit. Get active.

"Get Active" Fitness Center Fees & Membership Ages 18-49 - $60 Annually
Ages 50+ - $40 Annually
Ages 14-17 - FREE*

All fitness center members must complete a waiver and agreement. Our staff is available for fitness room orientation sessions. Additionally, we ask that you refrain from using any equipment that you're not familiar with.

* Youth ages 14 to 17 are permitted in the fitness centers only when signed up for a fitness class, with a staff member or under the supervision of an approved adult relative who is a paid fitness center member.

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Other Fitness Center Locations Adams, BarackCarriage Place, Douglas, Driving Park, Feddersen, Franklin Park Adventure Center, Glenwood, Howard, Indian Mound, Linden, Sullivant Gardens, Tuttle Park and Woodward Park Community Recreation Centers.

Please call contact centers directly for facility details.