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The Green Belt Network The six Green Belts now under development by Columbus Recreation and Parks
are a network of over 92 miles of trails winding throughout the urban fabric of the

Some of the region’s most famous trails – the Olentangy, Alum Creek, Scioto,
Blacklick, Camp Chase and Big Walnut – will form a system of interconnected
loops in Columbus. Ranging from four to 32 miles long, these beltways will offer
new ways to experience great parks, neighborhoods, culture and some of the best
scenery in the city.

Columbus Recreation and Parks’ five year plan, in tandem with our close partners
within Central Ohio Greenways (COG), looks to build 17 trail projects towards the
Green Belts network. -Learn more

New Trails Projects With over 62 miles of Recreation and Parks trails along our greenway corridors, hundreds of thousands of users now travel the network to parks, schools, downtown, and commuting to work. The expansion of the network currently includes over 10 projects reaching further in all directions, and increasing direct access for Columbus neighborhoods and our surrounding communities. All in pursuit of the Mayor's goal to have everyone in Columbus live within a few minutes of a trail. 
- Major Initiatives: 2017 & Beyond

Olentangy Trail Improvements and Bethel Rd. Connector The Olentangy Trail is the busiest trail in Ohio with several segments of the trail receiving over 1,000 uses per day. Trail use has grown substantially in the past decade, and path congestion has become a well-documented occurrence. A further obstruction is the lack of safe access for thousands of residents along the Bethel Road/Olentangy River Road corridor. This project seeks to remedy these unsafe conditions by:
~ Widening the trail from 9’ to 12’ to increase capacity.
~ Constructing a fully compliant connector ramp from the trail to Bethel Road. 
~ Constructing a shared use path along Bethel Road to Olentangy River Road/Anheuser Busch Park, creating a new, easy access trail head.
- Learn More

Alum Creek Trail - Johnstown Rd. Connector - Proposed Connections Map

Shepard Connector The Shepard Connector to the Alum Creek Trail will build a 0.5 mile direct connection to the regional trail from Leonard Avenue.  The project would be built along an abandoned rail corridor owned by Recreation and Parks between Leonard Avenue and the Alum Creek Trail at Hayden Park. Construction of the project will be partially funded by Clean Ohio Trails Fund (ODNR). - Proposed Connections Map

Franklinton Loop Conceptual planning for development of a neighborhood recreational and commuter loop proposing additional on and off street facilities while utilizing existing infrastructure. - Concept Map

Blacklick Trail - Portman Park to Refugee Rd - NOW OPEN. The Blacklick Trail is a 14 mile regional trail along the south east side of Columbus. Thousands of trail users each year travel the greenway from Three Creeks Park to Blacklick Woods Metro Park. A final critical gap in the trail occurs near the intersection of Refugee Road and Hines Road. 

Big Walnut Trail - Elk Run to Winchester Pike - Proposed Trail Map

Olentangy Trail - Henderson Rd. Safety Impovements The Olentangy Trail is considered to be the busiest trail in Ohio. Several segments of the trail receive over 1,000 uses per day. The Henderson Road Bridge was widened in 2005 to accommodate the trail on the bridge deck. However, the steep turning radius ramp from the bridge to the underpass beneath requires improvement.  This original ramp does not meet Recreation and Parks design standards, or federal AASHTO Trail standards. This project will construct a new ramp configuration which reduces the steep grade, widens the turning radius, and significantly increases sight distance for all trail users.

New Stream Restorations - Clover Groff III
- Dry Run

Goodale Street Bike Improvement - Now Open! A new trail and big connection! Goodale Street Bike Improvements Project is a trail along the north side of Goodale St., from Michigan Ave. to Olentangy River Rd. and a new connector ramp from Goodale St. down to the Olentangy Trail. Trail users can finally access the regional trail and new routes into downtown and Grandview Heights.
- View Illustration

Camp Chase Rail Trail - NOW OPEN We're working hard on 3.5 miles of trail through the Hilltop. The entire Camp Chase Rail Trail will stretch over 12 miles, from Big Darby Creek to the west side of the city. The trail will also be a key link of the Ohio to Erie Trail, spanning over 325 miles from the Ohio River to Lake Erie. - View Map

Scioto Trail - Fifth to McKinley This section is now open! This east/west trail extension will connect thousands of residents and workers on the west side of the Scioto River to the regional trail.
- See Rendering

Olentangy Trail - Worthington Hills Extension This main trail extension will improve a connection to the Olentangy Trail for Worthington Hills residents.  Improvements include connections to a shopping center, new trailhead facilities, and crossing safety upgrades. The project is now under design. Scheduled for construction in 2018. - See Project Overview

Alum Creek Trail - North Columbus Connector A new connection for thousands of residents along Westerville Road, north of Morse Road. The east/west connector will use a utility corridor and short on-street improvements to complete a 1 mile connector path.