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Summer Camp Registration

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Champion Big Trees

Champion Trees is a program of American Forests that identifies and promotes the oldest and largest trees of each species in the country and each state. These trees have survived for decades or even centuries through the harshest of times and deserve recognition for their strength and endurance. Their existence helps promote the many benefits that all trees provide for our community and neighborhoods.

There are four trees in the Columbus parks system that have been crowned champions of Ohio:

Chinese catalpa (Catalpa ovata) – Goodale Park

Smoothleaf elm (Ulmus carpinifolia) – Goodale Park 

Biltmore ash (Fraxinus americana var. biltmoreana) – Schiller Park 

Wych elm (Ulmus glabra) – Schiller Park 

Champion Trees can be found in any public or private landscape, in forests, fields, parks, along streets or in backyards. A tree listed above may not appear on the latest Champion Tree registry if it has been surpassed by another specimen, failed re-verification, or is no longer living. If you would like to learn more about this program, including how to nominate a tree, visit the American Forests or ODNR Champion Trees websites.