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Resources to Build Your Business Opening a small business requires careful consideration of your market, a firm business plan, and the discipline to protect what is most important to you at this time–your financial capital. Through the office of the Small Business Concierge and the Small Business Builder, you will be connected with the resources necessary to help you accomplish your goals.

Behind every good business is a solid business plan. Columbus is nationally recognized for its wide variety of free business resources that will assist you in crafting a sound business and marketing plan, finding the right employees, obtaining financing, and how to properly account for your business. - learn more

Your Specific Business Roadmap Starting your own business in Columbus just became a lot easier. Here is the heart and soul of the Small Business Builder. Below are links to various industries and the steps necessary at the city, county, state, and federal level for turning your business idea into reality:
         •     Restaurant
         •     Day Care Center
         •     Salon/Barber Shop

Helpful Government Links Perhaps you have a question and already know where you want to look. For your convenience, here are a few important departments and agencies that will be able to assist you in getting your business off the ground.

City of Columbus:
         •   Department of Building and Zoning Services
         •   Department of Development
         •   Equal Business Opportunity Commission
         •   Columbus Public Health
         •   Public Safety
         •   Fire Division
         •   Income Tax Division

If you are an existing business of 50 employees or less, are registered with the City of Columbus as a vendor, and are looking for professional development opportunities for yourself or your staff, please check out the City's Small Business Training Program! You can receive training in hiring practices, social media management, career development, financial planning, and so much more!

State of Ohio and U.S. Agencies:
         •   Starting a Business in Ohio – OH Secretary of State
         •   "Thinking About Starting a Business?" –

Columbus Economic Development Division

We're here for you. Our department works hard to make sure you have everything you need to evaluate Columbus as a potential future home to your business.  Upon contacting us, we'll immediately begin compiling and organizing the most critical information into a customized presentation to help you make the most informed decision-including information about:

  • Available real estate
  • Business taxes
  • Community tours
  • Demographics & economic data
  • Financial incentives
  • Introductions to community leaders
  • Regulatory navigation assistance
  • Workforce development & training

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