Acceleration Fund The Smart Columbus Acceleration Fund is made up of coordinated and aligned investments by the private and public sectors that will complement, scale and sustain smart Columbus projects and programs into the future. What started as $90 million when we won the challenge, has grown to more than $500 million, with a goal of $1 billion by 2020.
  Examples of smart city investments that are helping us to achieve our vision include:
   ▶ Nearly $200 million from AEP to modernize our electric grid and advance electric vehicle adoption
   ▶ A $12 million cash fund on behalf of the private sector to support the operations and sustainment of the initiative
   ▶ Investment by the state of Ohio, The Ohio State University and Honda to build new, first-class autonomous vehicle testing facilities at Transportation Research Center
   ▶ Dollars committed by the City of Columbus to deploy smart street lights throughout the city and procure electric vehicles in its fleet
   ▶ Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) investment to enable all buses with Wi-Fi and transition to mobile fare payment
   ▶ The launch of the first-ever Singularity University Smart City Accelerator in Columbus