We already know Ohio’s capital is the ultimate test city, but Smart Columbus transforms it into a living laboratory. Intelligent transportation solutions in four distinct districts set the pace for other cities inspired to learn from our experiences.

Residential District

Linden residents will show us – and the world – how it’s done. Six projects are housed in this centrally located neighborhood where the focus is improving ladders of opportunity. 

Bettering access to healthcare. Better means of getting to work. A better-connected community.

Projects they’re implementing:
   ▶ Collision Avoidance
   ▶ Street Lighting
   ▶ Smart Mobility Hubs
   ▶ Connected Vehicles
   ▶ Common Payment
   ▶ Multimodal Trip Planning

See what this community is doing: 

YouTube Thumbnail
Linden Planning Event February 2017


Commercial District
Easton – a nationally renowned retail and commercial hub on the northeast side of Columbus will serve as the testing ground for first and last mile solutions. We will test electric autonomous transit shuttles– one of the first demonstrations of its kind in the U.S.  


Downtown District
Columbus’ urban core is thriving. With growth comes the opportunity to meet demand head on and transform the way things are done. The Downtown District is home to projects that serve as a prototype for other cities consistently balancing residential, commercial and visitor traffic.

Projects taking place here:
   ▶ Enhanced Permit Parking
   ▶ Event Parking Management
   ▶ Delivery Zone Availability


Logistics District
Due to its central location, Columbus is already a hub for warehousing and distribution. Now we’re doing one better, integrating technologies with the power to catapult the region into the nation’s leading logistics hub. The projects happening here are focused on getting trucks to where they’re going in a way that reduces fuel consumption, increases efficiency and improves safety.  

Projects taking place here:
   ▶ Truck Platooning
   ▶ Oversize Vehicle Routing
   ▶ Interstate Truck Parking