As the ultimate test bed, Columbus was chosen to model how new technologies work in a real city, with real people, solving real problems. We will open up our streets to innovation. But it won’t happen without your participation and input. Following are opportunities to get involved.

Linden Residents Bettering access to healthcare. Better means of getting to work. A better-connected community.

Linden residents will show us – and the world – how it’s done. Projects housed in this centrally located neighborhood focus is improving ladders of opportunity:
   ▶ Connected Vehicle Environment
   ▶ Multimodal Trip Planning/Common Payment System
   ▶ Mobility Assistance for People with Cognitive Disabilities
   ▶ Smart Mobility Hubs
   ▶ Prenatal Trip Assistance

See what this community is doing:
Linden Planning Event February 2017

Commuters More than 83 percent of our region’s workforce gets to work alone in a car. With our region expected to grow by 1 million people in the coming decades, we must change our mobility patterns to remain a sustainable, competitive city. Through Smart Columbus, we’re seeking to reduce single occupant commutes to major employers by 10%.

Central Ohio commuters can help transport our city to the future by adopting new and improved ways of getting around. Here are a few things you can do:
   ▶ Download the new COTA app to pay for your fare by mobile device
   ▶ Download the TransitApp to see transportation options near you
   ▶ Become a member of Car2go or CoGo
   ▶ Start a carpool or vanpool with colleagues

Car Owners In 2015, 0.37% of cars sold in the seven-county region were electric vehicles. Smart Columbus has set the goal of increasing electric vehicle adoption to at least 1.8% by 2020 — a four-fold increase that would put more than 3,200 electric vehicles on the road.

Download the Smart Columbus Electric Vehicle Buyers’ Guide to learn about electric vehicles available in Columbus.

Business Community Smart Columbus is calling upon the private sector to help foster a culture change across our region that will drive us toward a smarter, more sustainable future. Companies in the seven-county region are invited to join us as Acceleration Partners—organizations committed to inspiring and motivating employees to drive electric and join less.

Click here for more information, or contact Jordan Davis at to enroll.