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The $10 million grant awarded by Vulcan, Inc., a Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, is dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by electrifying the transportation sector. Vulcan-funded priorities include:

We’re working to modernize the electric grid through utility scale renewables, improve efficiencies and deploy smart meters. This is a joint effort of American Electric Power and the City of Columbus
Electric Vehicle Fleet Adoption
To reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions, we are working with the public and private sectors, and transportation service providers to place 780 electric vehicles into their fleets by 2020. 
Transit, Autonomous and Multi-modal Systems in the City
Ensure a comprehensive, multi-modal approach to decarbonizing the Columbus region’s mobility options.
Consumer Electric Vehicle Adoption
We want to increase the number of electric vehicles in Columbus and the seven-county central Ohio region.
Charging Infrastructure
To help make electric vehicles a real option for drivers, we’ll work to increase the number of places to plug in.