Vendor Days City of Columbus, Ohio 
Department of Technology 
Technology Vendor Day        
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Rules and Guidelines

  • In accordance with the City of Columbus Ethics Policy, no gifts or other items of value should be provided to any staff of the Department of Technology.
  • Vendors must be registered with Vendor Services prior to being added to the schedule to meet with the Service Owners and/or departmental customers during a Vendor Day event.
  • Each vendor will have 30 minutes to present (20 minute presentation, 5 minute Q&A and 5 minutes Wrap-up)
  • Presentations can be done remotely with arrangements made at least five (5) business days in advance of scheduled presentation date.
  • Vendor can only present information once per year on the same technology related product and/or service. (Exceptions made with approval) 
  • Vendors are asked to limit presentation attendees to four (4).
  • Peripheral equipment will be provided for vendor presentations upon request. Requests should be made at least five (5) business days prior to scheduled presentation date. 
  • There is no cost to vendors to participate in a Vendor Days event.
  • Vendors will participate in Vendor Days event at their own cost. 

City of Columbus employees should contact their departmental ITAM if interested in attending a Vendor Days presentation. Advance notification of attendance is suggested to ensure space availability. (Scheduled dates are posted for your convenience).