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Vendor Days Process

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The City of Columbus, Department of Technology is sponsoring Technology Vendor Days. This is an instrument for the Department of Technology to gather information about products and services that may aid, support and assist in servicing its internal and external customers. It also gives vendors the opportunity to share their technology products and services with the City of Columbus. This is not a formal acceptance to do business with the City. 

The goal of Technology Vendor Day is to provide a structured setting for City of Columbus to evaluate new products and services that may aid, support and assist in servicing its internal and external customers. Additionally, it is used as a vehicle to streamline how vendors engage City of Columbus agencies to introduce their technology products and services. This process can also aid in the development of requirements.


The purpose of these demonstrations is to evaluate new, innovative, and upcoming technologies in the marketplace to meet customer needs.


Vendors are registered with the City of Columbus through Vendor Services and possess an active City of Columbus vendor identification number.


Technology Vendor Day Request

Agency Request

City of Columbus agencies will request Department of Technology assistance to meet a need for a new technology product and/or service. For requests warranting a Vendor Day event, the Technology Vendor Day team will then solicit relevant vendors matching requested criteria for demonstration of their products and services. Vendor solicitation is done by selecting appropriate commodity codes from the registered vendors’ database provided through Vendor Services. Technology Vendor Day registration instructions are sent via mass email to relevant vendors. Additionally, other city agencies that may have similar needs are informed of the upcoming vendor day event and encouraged to attend.

Vendor Request

Vendors can request to demonstrate their products and/or services to the City of Columbus by completing the registration form onthe Technology Vendor Day website, or by contacting the Technology Vendor Day team directly via email.

Technology Vendor Day link is listed on (underQuick Links).

Once a vendor request has been received, a Technology Vendor Day Team member will contact the prospective vendor regarding available demonstration dates and times.

Once scheduled the vendor is supplied with an agenda and script/high level agency requirements in which to structure their demonstration.  This keeps the vendor on track with demonstrating product and/or service features based on requested needs.

Rules and Guidelines for Vendor participation

  • In accordance with the City of Columbus Ethics Policy, no gifts or other items of value should be provided to any staff of the Department of Technology.
  • Vendors must be registered with Vendor Services prior to being added to the schedule to meet with the Service Owners and/or departmental customers during a Technology Vendor Day event.
  • Each vendor will have 30 minutes to present (20 minute presentation, 5 minute Q&A and 5 minutes Wrap-up)
  • Presentations can be done remotely with arrangements made at least five (5) business days in advance of scheduled presentation date.
  • Vendor can only present information once per year on the same technology related product and/or service. (Exceptions made with approval) 
  • Vendors are asked to limit presentation attendees to four (4).
  • Peripheral equipment will be provided for vendor presentations upon request. Requests should be made at least five (5) business days prior to scheduled presentation date. 
  • There is no cost to vendors to participate in a Vendor Day event.
  • Vendors will participate in Vendor Day event at their own cost. 

** City of Columbus employees should contact their departmental ITAM if interested in attending a Vendor Day presentation. Advance notification of attendance is suggested to ensure space availability. (Scheduled dates are posted for your convenience).


Contact Information

City of Columbus,Ohio 
Department of Technology 

Technology Vendor Day Website:  

The Technology Vendor Day site provides registration information, vendor services if you need to register your business with the City of Columbus, rules and guidelines and ethics policy.


Email questions or inquiries about Technology Vendor Days to


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Vendor Services Website

Cityof Columbus Ethics Policy