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Request Neighborhood Street Lighting

CobraMany of the city’s early neighborhoods were built without street lights. The city has two programs neighborhoods can participate in to request street lights.

1) For standard wood pole street lighting (photo, right), neighborhoods should send their request in writing to:

Street Lighting Engineering Section
Columbus Division of Power and Water
3500 Indianola Ave
Columbus, OH 43214

2) Decorative street lights (below) have been available through a property assessment petition process. Typically neighborhood residents agree to be assessed for the difference between the cost of the standard wood pole and the decorative street light. For more information, view the Residential Street Lighting Assessment Brochure.

Streetlight in Harrison WestDue to funding limitations, a waiting list currently exists in both programs; however, neighborhoods can still apply to get on the list.

For more information, call the Street Lighting Engineering Section of the Division of Power and Water at (614) 645-2756. If you live in an area outside the Columbus city boundaries, please contact your municipality, township or county offices. 

To Report Any Street Lighting Issues Call 614-645-7627 or visit 311 (614-645-3111).