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Com-Til Purchase Info

Wholesalers may purchase at our Compost Facility by account only in bulk quantities, per cubic yard, which weighs about 1,000 pounds.  Retail Locations

Com-Til  (t raditional product)
$19 per cubic yard  (under 300 yards)
$15 per cubic yard  (over 300 yards)

Com-Til Plus  (s oil conditioner)
$16 per cubic yard  (under 300 yards)
$12 per cubic yard  (over 300 yards)

comtil purchase info

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  Conversion factor: 1 cubic yard covers 1000 square ft. at 1/4 inches.


safetyThe Columbus Compost Facility has been manufacturing high quality organic mulch since 1980.                                                                                  

Com-Til products are made by an all natural process involving NO chemicals, meeting state and federal biosolid quality standards.            

Biosolids from the wastewater treatment process are mixed with wood chips and yard waste. While composting, temperatures are monitored and maintained to pasteurize the compost. This kills most pathogens and weed seeds, while avoiding the removal of good microbes that are beneficial to plants.

Once the process is complete, the material is screened to provide a uniform, dark brown product. Tests are then performed to check for pathogens, metals and nutrients.

General Safety Statement: Com-Til products are organic and safe when used as recommended on vegetables, fruits, trees, shrubs, grass and flowers. It will provide valuable nutrients to the soil and plants.

Personal hygiene, wearing gloves and washing hands should always be a part of using any fertilizer.

Com-Til is a safe product produced under strict, engineered controls.*
Com-Til is as safe as any compost or other soil product.

* Com-Til and Com-Til Plus meet the exceptional quality standards of the State/Federal 503 Regulations which apply to the use or disposal of sewerage sludge. In the case of Com-Til Products, they are composted and monitored so the temperatures reach levels which kills most pathogens and weed seeds.

Material Safety Data Sheet

Analysis Information Check nutrient values for Com-Til & Com-Til Plus.
Includes nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, pH, soluble salts & carbon to nitrogen ratio. Or check the  metal values of Com-Til & Com-Til Plus such as zinc, copper, lead, nickel, selenium (10 in all).

Com-Til Brochure

For more information on Com-Til, please call (614) 645-3153 or e-mail your question.