The City of Columbus’ mission is to provide leadership that will inspire: high standards of excellence in the delivery of city services; a spirit of cooperation, pride and responsibility to achieve strong, safe and healthy neighborhoods; and a shared economic prosperity and enhanced quality of life. We undertake this mission believing and knowing that we can make a difference for future generations. As part of its mission, the City sets forth this environmental policy which forms the foundation of its environmental stewardship commitment.

The City of Columbus shall:

Comply with applicable laws, regulations, and other requirements (by way of example- Green Memo, Executive Orders and City Code):

Prevent pollution at its source through the identification and implementation of best management practices;

Continually work to conserve resources through waste prevention, reduction, reuse, recycling and reclamation;

Provide employees with tools, resources and information required to practice environmental stewardship in their daily roles and heightening their awareness of environmental issues through the communication of this policy, written guidance, training, and management and work practices;

Continually improve environmental performance through proactive environmental management and routine assessment of our performance;

Encourage efforts by other governments, businesses, and the general public to adopt environmental stewardship and sustainable development practices;

Utilize an environmental management system for operations, as appropriate, to provide a framework for facilitating the preceding actions.